Skylight Replacement

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At New Life Construction LLC, we pride ourselves on providing professional skylight replacement in the Twin Ports Area, Cloquet, MN. We understand the importance of having a functional and aesthetically pleasing skylight, and we are here to help you achieve that. We will work with you to ensure that your new skylight meets all of your needs and expectations. Contact us today at (218) 310-6410 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Types of Skylights

There are several types of skylights available on the market, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The most common types are fixed skylights, venting skylights, and tubular skylights.

Fixed skylights are the simplest type: they consist of a pane of glass or plastic that is mounted in a frame and does not open. This makes them less vulnerable to weather damage than other types of skylights, but they also cannot be opened to let in the fresh air.

Venting skylights are similar to fixed skylights but include a small opening that can be opened to allow air into the room. This makes them more useful than fixed skylights in hot weather, as they can help to ventilate the room. However, they are also more vulnerable to weather damage and insects.

Tubular skylights are the most energy-efficient type of skylight, as they use a reflective tube to direct sunlight into the room. They are also less vulnerable to weather damage, but cannot be opened for ventilation.

Sky Light Replacement

If you’re looking for a way to improve the light in your home, consider replacing your skylight. Skylight replacement can brighten up any room and make it feel more spacious. Plus, it’s a great way to add value to your home.

If you’re thinking about skylight replacement, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you’ll need to choose the right size and type of skylight for your home. Second, you’ll need to install it properly to prevent leaks. And third, you’ll need to choose a reputable company to do the work.

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If you’re considering a skylight replacement for your home, New Life Construction LLC is here to help. We offer a wide range of professional services, from installing new skylights to repairing old ones. We also have a large selection of high-quality skylights to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about our skylight replacement in the Twin Ports Area, Cloquet, MN, please contact us today at (218) 310-6410. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with a free quote. Thanks for considering our company!